Smart House Setup

Smart House Setup [2019]

So you may have been around a friends or colleagues house when they suddenly say “hey Google, turn on my kitchen lights” or “Alexa, turn off lounge lamp”. Always impressive the first time around. These are examples of a smart house setup or the internet of things.

Your First Smart House Setup

What equipment is needed for a Smart Home?

  1. Choose an assistant. The most popular at the moment are Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.
  2. Choose the hardware. For Googles assistant, this would be a Google Home device or newer android phones. For Amazon’s Alexa this would be one of the echo devices. Apple’s Siri runs on iPhone, iPads and Apple Watches and syncs easily with the Apple Homepod

Which Smart Home assistant should I Choose?

This is down to personal preference. If you have grown up with Apple products then the choice would be straightforward. Siri works from the Apple Homepod. This is a hub capable of syncing with Apple home kit smart accessories. There is a Siri app on most Apple products at the moment.

Amazon’s Alexa works with the Echo range of devices. The bog standard model is the Echo Dot but would require a separate hub to sync with smart devices. An Amazon Echo plus is supplied with integrated Hub with will pick smart home accessories by Philips Hue and Zigbee, be sure to check compatibility before purchasing. There is an Alexa app which allows control over a smart phone.

Google Assistant works on the Google home device and Google home hub. It is compatible with over 200 devices by 50 manufacturers.